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People are using this hormone now as a fountain of youth. HGH products are widely available on the
Internet and in health food stores, and while there is debate as to how effective they are, people are
taking them with reported success at reclaiming their energy levels, skin tones, and hair growth.
There can be side effects associated with taking HGH products, which may or may not pose a
problem on an individual basis, and if they do show up, all the sellers recommend stop taking it or
cut back on the dose. The HGH products that you can buy are synthetic derivatives of the HGH that
the adrenal glands produce naturally, up until a person reaches a certain age, usually in the 30's or
40's, when the body begins its slow decline. Since HGH products are considered a dietary
supplement, they are not regulated by the FDA, so using them is done so at one's own risk. The
claims made for HGH products on the Internet are substantial, and they do suggest that they are
effective in combating the signs of aging.